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  1. Ogonna Igwegbe (English)

    Hi there, I just want to thank you for the kits posted on your site. I was wondering if you have kits for English teams?

    Hola, sólo quiero darle las gracias por los kits publicados en su sitio. Me preguntaba si usted tiene los kits para los equipos ingleses?

    • Alberto Temenuga

      Thanks for your comment. We have some kits for English teams in this season (only Permier League). For the season 2012-2013, I make all the kits for: Premier League, N-Power Championshiup, N-Power One, and N-Power Two. In a few days avalaibles in the site. But dor this season I don’t make more kits. If you need english kits, say me. Regards.

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